Jezebel: vaginal yeast cannot be used as brewing yeast

Yeast is everywhere, even (as we ladies well know) buried deep inside our vaginas, waiting to go bad and ruin our week at any moment. But does that mean that we could possibly brew beer using the cause of one of our more common south of the border infections? Is "turn a yeast infection into a full-bodied IPA" the new "make lemons into lemonade?" We did some research and, in a word, no.

H/T to Jay Brooks.

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5 thoughts on “Jezebel: vaginal yeast cannot be used as brewing yeast

  1. though id rather not be part of the research in anyway possible, i would have to argue the fact. the research would have to span a large enough amount of people to rule that not a single woman produces the enzyme of brewers yeast.

    oh and ps
    if they can do it with the dudes beard why not just do it with a woman’s pubes………

  2. Oh man… this is just a funky week for beer. Bull balls, lady-part yeast… Maybe I’ll just stick with Geary’s, ‘Gansetts and Long Trail for a while.

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