St. Bernardus Abt 12 Magnum Edition 2012 arrives in U.S.

st bernardus 12 magnum edition 2012(Watou, BELGIUM) – Just received news of a new St. Bernardus package from D&V International. More info below.

St Bernardus Abt 12 Magnum Edition 2012

This is the first year in a series of collector’s editions that will feature a different artist every year.

This package is in lieu of the 6L bottles that Abt 12 traditionally arrives for the holiday season. They are arriving to the US now and will be at retailers over the coming weeks.

Collector’s Item
The Beer: St.Bernardus Abt 12 is one of the world’s greatest beers. Original recipe, first brewed in 1946, dark brown in color with ruby highlights. Perfectly balanced, with a full body and a hoppy bite. Bottle conditioned, Alc.Vol 10%.

The Bottle: The dark brown Magnum bottle is specially designed. The brewery logo is embossed in the bottle, which gives it a stylish finish. In addition, the special Bière Belge neck personalised champagne cork and the full color wirehood make this Magnum bottle a unique collector’s item.

The Artwork: The famous Belgian artist Rik Vermeersch created the artwork for the frontlabel of this year’s StBernardus Abt 12 Magnum Edition 2012. He made “De Abt” specially for this purpose and the original painting (80x80cm) is part of the art collection of the brewery. The screen printing on the bottle makes it a unique collector’s item and the concept is the start of a yearly tradition.


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3 thoughts on “St. Bernardus Abt 12 Magnum Edition 2012 arrives in U.S.

  1. I’m sure it’s good to drink now but whether you decide to treat it as a collectible & never open it is up to you. Just know the laws around resale of beer by an individual are not friendly and/or murky, even as a collectible & not for the bottle’s contents.

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