Switchback Brewing turns 10, announces release of Switchback Ale in 22 oz. bottles

Switchback AlePress Release:

Brewery marks 10th anniversary with release of Switchback Ale in 22oz bottles and a public celebration on October 13, 2012

(Burlington, VT) – Switchback Brewing Company announced that it will bottle its beer in Vermont with state-of-the-art equipment that allows the company to stay local and true to its commitment to quality. This move has been greatly anticipated by fans of the beer, many of which have been clamoring to enjoy Switchback at home for years. A public anniversary celebration and open house will be held on October 13th at the brewery.

Switchback Ale a Draught Beer Sensation

Demand for Switchback Ale has been ever increasing since it was introduced in October 2002. The beer’s popularity quickly soared strictly through word of mouth recommendations. The company, instead of rapidly increasing production to meet demand, focused on remaining an independent, quality-driven brewery. Because of that focus on quality, the beer has only been sold on draught at bars, restaurants, and hotels throughout the region until now.

The Long Road to Bottles

In the company’s early years, it held back from bottling, planning to wait until it could afford the technology that would maintain the highest standards of quality. As the popularity of the beer continued to rise, bottling became impossible as the brewery could not make enough beer to satisfy keg demand, despite steadily expanding capacity. There simply was no beer to bottle.

“Slow growth has enabled Switchback to monitor and ensure quality through every step of our expansion,” said Bill Cherry, President/Brewmaster. “The tide began to turn in 2009, when we installed a beautiful copper brewhouse, built in 1964 and acquired from a brewery in Beerfelden, Germany. This brewhouse allowed us to begin work on a bottling line,” Cherry explained. “The new bottling line has as its centerpiece a German engineered filling system that is arguably the best in the world. The gentle and hygienic handling of the beer in this filling line allows for Switchback Ale to be absolutely identical to the draught (keg) beer version.” Between the increased capacity and the new bottling equipment, Switchback now produces enough beer and has the technology to offer bottles.

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