Arbor Brewing update: Terminator, new sour and bourbon barrel-aged ales

arbor sodibo bottle(Ann Arbor, MI) – Arbor Brewing Co. announced some new beer releases including four sour ales in Tuesday’s newsletter. More below…

Terminator Release Party
Novermber 21, 6-8pm, Arbor Brewing
Join us for the release party that started it all! We’re releasing our infamous Terminator Dopplebock on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at the pub. Terminator was our inaugural release party as part of a Terminate Hunger promotion for the Delonis Center. A portion of sales still go to fight hunger in Washtenaw County. This year, to celebrate the release that kicked off such a great monthly tradition, we’ve decided to enter everyone with a ticket into a raffle for a sixth barrel of Terminator (retail val ue $99). Tickets are free to Mug Club members and $10 for all others. Tickets include appetizers and Terminator with a chance to take a sixth barrel home. The event runs 6-8pm in the game room at Arbor Brewing Company.

At 8% ABV, Terminator topped the list as our hightest gravity beer for years. While it’s no longer our strongers, it remains one of our most famous and most talked about brews. Like all traditional German dopplebocks, it’s richly spicy with a subly sweet malt palate and clean, crisp dry hop finish. Releases run from 6-8 pm and include samples of the new beer, light snacks, and discounts on merchandise (15% off) and carry-out purchase of the featured brew (50% off growler fills!). Admission is free for all mug club members and $10 for visitors and guests.

CORNER currently has 4 sour beers on sale -Dirty Love, Sodibo, Flamboyant Red and Framboozled. Available for carryout or enjoy a bottle with friends here at the brewery.

Dirty Love, 7.5% ABV 13 IBU
Dirty Love aged in bourbon barrels with bourbon vanilla beans, chipotle peppers and cocoa nibs

Sodibo, 6.0% ABV 1 IBU
Sodibo is a sophisticated and complex ale with a bright golden hue and moderate carbonation. It features a burst of complex fruity, spicy, sweet-tart, and earthy flavors with a quenching acidity in the finish.

Flamboyant Red, 9.3% ABV 50 IBU
A unique ale with a bright mahogany hue and moderate carbonation. Flamboyant Wild Red features a a burst of complex fruity, spicy, sweet-tart, and earthy flavors with a quenching acidity in the finish.

Framboozled, 7.7% ABV 7 IBU
The newest addition to the sour series is richly complex and reminiscent of brandy-soaked dark fruits, toasted nuts, and a sweet balsamic reduction. Framboozled features a hint of barnyard funk from extended barrel aging in the presence of friendly microbes.

ARBOR currently has 4 seasonal favoirtes on sale -Divette, Special Reserve, Brune Barrel Aged Brown.

Divette, 6.0% ABV 7 IBU
A tart and refreshing barrel-aged blonde ale spiced with orange peel and coriander. The combination of spices, oak aging, and bottle-conditioning creates a unique flavor experience that seems part beer, part wine, and part cider even though it is made with one hundred percent malted barley.

Special Reserve, 9.3% ABV 50 IBU
Special Reserve is nothing short of spectacular (if we do say so ourselves). It has the mild sour character of a Flemish Brown with much less residual sweetness than the Old Ale. It also develops a very rich, spicy, and complex flavor profile with dark jammy fruits and earthy, leathery notes.

Brune Barrel Aged Brown, 9.3% ABV 50 IBU
Brune is a classic, refreshingly soured Flemish style brown ale in the Rodenbach tradition. A dark, copper-red, medium-bodied ale with subtle spiced sour cherry and woodsy notes. This beer has a pronounced tart sourness on the palate that follows through with complex, malty, and earthy vinous flavors.


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