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Boston Beer Co. Chairman, Jim Koch on new breweries: bubble is near “popping point”

He also spoke about the craft beer bubble being near a popping point. He thinks the market share could grow to 10 percent by the end of the decade, but he thinks that most stores have reached their limit for all the new breweries. He said there are too many breweries brewing similar beers without adding anything to the market. An exception he pointed out was Enlightenment Ales out of Lowell, which is adding something no one is doing, he said.

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6 thoughts on “Boston Beer Co. Chairman, Jim Koch on new breweries: bubble is near “popping point”

  1. i think all the people who are bringing sour beers to the table are opening the doors for a lot of consumers to new and old beer styles. brewers who do not add anything new will lose shelf space.

  2. I really like seasonal beers 3-4 months prior to the actual season, if Sam Adams keeps doing that there definitely won’t be any shelf space for new breweries.

  3. drink local! So everyone makes a pale ale, porter/stout and blonde ale. If it was made at the end of your street by your neighbors that is a great thing!

  4. I disagree completely. I travel the country and have been through every region in the last year and the local beers scenes are getting incredible. The progress over the last five years has been outstanding! While I agree there isn’t much room for large, national breweries like Sam Adams; I think the regional selections will diverge and be creative in their own right.

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