Gift giving season is here: check out the Dive Bar Shirt Club

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BeerPulse is pleased to introduce a new site-supporting company today, the Dive Bar Shirt Club.

Looking for a unique gift idea either to add to your own wish list or to buy for someone else?

T-shirts from small, interesting bars and pubs are some of our favorite things to bring back from a trip, but unfortunately we don’t get to make trips all that often. Join the Dive Bar Shirt Club ($22/month). This club brings you one authentic t-shirt a month from the best of the U.S. lounge lineup, along with a little bit of information on the watering hole from which your new tee hails.

The FAQ below should be sufficient in answering your questions. Enjoy…

How The Club Works
Become a member, and every month you will receive an authentic T-Shirt from the best of America’s most interesting and unusual bars! A new dive is featured every month and once that month is up, that shirt is retired forever.

How Is The Bar Of The Month Chosen?
The bars are picked by the Dive Bar Crew, from our own seedy travels and from the many submissions that you send us. We take great pride in choosing only the best dives and coolest designs from across the USA.

What Will I Get?
Every month you will receive a top quality, brand new T-shirt with an original design along with a little unique info on the watering hole from which your new tee hails.

How Much Will It Cost?
Club membership is $22 per month. That’s it! FREE shipping to anyplace in the world!
But sorry, we’ve gotta add a few bucks for the big boys and beer bellies. ($2.50 for XXL and $3.50 for XXXL)

There is no commitment. You can cancel your monthly membership or change your shirt size at any time. We’re easy!

If a monthly membership is not right for you, no problem. You can pre-pay for a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month membership. This is also ideal for giving the Dive Bar Shirt Club to someone as an awesome gift.

How Will My Shirts Be Shipped?
Your shirts will be poured right into your mailbox each month via United States Postal Service. U.S. residences should receive their first shirt within 7 business days of becoming a Dive Bar Shirt Club member.

Don’t miss the next shirt!

Click here to join Today!

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