Terrapin Beer Co.’s new brewhouse arrives, old brewhouse to be decommissioned

terrapin tanks

Terrapin Beer Co. tanks (credit: Terrapin on Facebook)

(Athens, GA) – Terrapin Beer Company posted up some photos last month when it received its new Rolec 100-barrel brewhouse (lauter tun, whirlpool and kettle). BeerPulse got a few details on the expansion from Marketing Director, Julia Weckback.

Current annual capacity is 34,000 barrels is that is what the number will be going into 2013.

Weckback explains that the new brewhouse will come online around the end of December and that they will decommission the current brewhouse at that time.

In order to increase capacity, the company has to bring in more fermentation capacity (new fermentors) which the company hadn’t ordered as of mid-October.

Says Weckback, “New fermentors won’t arrive early enough, if at all in 2013, to have any impact on production next year.”

Terrapin did give itself a short timeframe in which to grow production when it added eight 200-barrel fermentors this past summer. That allowed the company to go to a 24-hour brew schedule and increase annual capacity up by nearly 15,000 barrels.

Maximum theoretical (annual) capacity on the new system, given average Terrapin brew schedules, is 100,000 barrels.

The production constraints have been a buzzkill for Terrapin, which grew 39%, 19% and 35% from 2008-2010. Growth fell to only 5% in 2011 as the company operated at maximum capacity all-year.

The investments come, in part, thanks to funding from MillerCoors’ Tenth and Blake division last year.

Terrapin Co-Founder, John Cochran, wrote of the investment last year, “the loan conversion will allow Terrapin access to more capital from the banking market to fund a $4.5 million expansion to double our brewing capacity.”

Cochran also said that the investment would help the brewery to begin a “full time barrel aging program.”


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