The Economist on barriers to entry in South Korea

Today, anyone with the capacity to produce 120,000 litres can apply for a wholesale licence. This is still a lot, but there are short cuts. One brewer says the loose wording of the law means some have bought gigantic but shoddy old vats to make up the difference, and simply left them unused.

Translates to ~1,000 U.S. beer barrels. Less forgiving than Japan.

More >> The Economist.


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3 thoughts on “The Economist on barriers to entry in South Korea

  1. How does that qualify as more forgiving than Japan when Japan requires a minimum of 60,000L, but in Korea it’s 120,000L?

  2. Thanks. Remembered incorrectly that Japan was 5,000, not 500. And airplane wifi stinks enough that I didn’t click the Japan article to double-check.

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