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The most prolific tweeting brewery owner starts a blog


More from Lagunitas owner, Tony Magee… Update: blog deleted.

As a general tease, I would say that at the center of the onion I see Craft brewing as a sort of American-style civil uprising. A peoples revolt, ostensibly about the flavors, or lack thereof, in mainstream commercial American lagers- but ultimately more about the shriveling of other culturally connective tissues.

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3 thoughts on “The most prolific tweeting brewery owner starts a blog

  1. Nah, WordPress made the link public in one of his comments. I took advantage as I normally do of public information at that point. He later said that it wasn’t his intention.

    No hard feelings for him or anyone. Just running a website & informing/entertaining people who pay it a visit.

    Closing comments on this one, too, now. Cheers!