Top ten things to know about Vanberg and DeWulf’s Coast to Coast Toast 2

C2CT2 Coast to Coast Toast

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Renowned importers, Vanberg and DeWulf, will hold their annual celebration of Belgian beer, The Coast to Coast Toast, this Thursday, November 15th. The event debuted last year as the Millennium’s largest one-day celebration of Belgian beer in the USA though, this year, it is even bigger and now being celebrated internationally.

Last year, BeerPulse highlighted ten things to know about the event so that you can participate before, during and after it. Why not do it again?

Without further ado, here is the 2012 edition:

Before the event:

1. Are you a beer drinker or industry member wanting to learn more about the event? Missed out last year and want to see what all the hubbub is about? Head over to the official Coast to Coast Toast 2 page to read all about it.

2. On Twitter? Tag your tweets with #C2CT and see what others are already saying about the event.

3. Enter the Weekly Pint contest for a chance at a free trip to Belgium.

4. Use Untappd? Check in two beers from the Vanberg and DeWulf portfolio during the month of November to earn a special badge and be entered into another free trip to Belgium.

5. Looking for new beers in particular? Get acquainted with one of Vanberg and DeWulf’s more recent introductions like Posta Rustica from Dupont or try the sister beer to Saison Dupont, Foret Blanche.

6. Check out the audio interviews with Vanberg and DeWulf founders. One from August has already been posted at Restaurant Guys Radio. Additionally, this Tuesday evening at 5pm EST, they will be live on Heritage Radio Network’s Beer Sessions Radio.

During the event:

7. Celebrate at one of over 500 beer establishments (pdf) taking part in the event. The celebrations range from the subtle to total tap takeovers. Look up your local beer bar’s event calendar to see how it is marking the occasion.

8. Celebrate at home. Take a look at the official list of 43 beers in the Vanberg and DeWulf portfolio. Not going out that evening? Buy the beer(s) from a specialty beer retailer ahead of time and celebrate at home.

After the event:

9. While there are some bars in/around New York City that will still celebrate the event, due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Vanberg and DeWulf have postponed the official celebration in New York City until January 15th. Vanberg and DeWulf is asking at this time that people will the ability to do so should consider donating to organizations like the Red Cross to aid the relief effort.

10. Stay up to date with Vanberg and DeWulf news alerts:

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