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Two-time Stone homebrew competition winner, Ken Schmidt, wants to go pro

Schmidt says he got a small reward from Stone, but “they’re not allowed to give us any free beer.” More often, the payoff consists solely of bragging rights. […] Schmidt, a 58-year-old retiree, says he’s looking to become a partner with an existing brewery: “Before the market gets too saturated, it’s time to get my big toe wet.”

Part of a larger article about breweries working with homebrewers…

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4 thoughts on “Two-time Stone homebrew competition winner, Ken Schmidt, wants to go pro

  1. im surprised this is even a question… professional brewing as a brewer is a whole lot more than writing a recipe and brewing a five gallon batch. its an immense amount of physical work. additional, the other trades and sciences that come into play when operating a commercial brewery, all the way from electrical knowledge, mechanical aptitude, and the capacity to learn a great deal of chemistry on the fly.
    beyond, those basic things that make you a brewer, what about the hard work to get there? its not an old mans game.
    as to brewery ownership… recipe writing is the least of your concerns, and if its not…youre in the wrong business. accounting, business management, human resources issues, product sourcing, licensing and permit knowledge…this list is infinite.
    i think the question is better posed to the gentleman himself.

  2. What question? I’m not certain that he wants to start his own brewery, just that he wants to become a professional brewer which may or may not mean working for someone else that would take care of things like accounting, etc.

  3. Why must people continually shit on other people’s aspirations? A critique of his beer, fine, but not his dream. American craft beer is not a story of failure in the face of adversity but success in the face of overwhelmingly bleak odds. It’s us against them so stop being them telling us that we can’t or shouldn’t or won’t succeed. I’m going to succeed solely to spite people that tell me I will fail, the rest of what comes is due to fate. I hope this Ken Schmidt succeeds as well – he already has the most important attribute a business owner or employee can have, passion.

  4. Hell yes “Scott Wood”. I completely agree! I wish nothing more than complete success for Kent Schmidt. Brewing is a science. It is an art. Writing a recipie is no easy task.. there is alot to consider. Lets be honest.. he is a 2 time winner… its a big thing.. and I am sure a brewery would sign him on for his signature beer. We can all then have a good laugh at people like this ” Sam” guy as he is sipping this guys beer unknowingly.

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