Westvleteren XII hits stores in mid-December, exclusive through TW&M in some states

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(Belchertown, MA) – Months of rumors and speculation have finally come to a head with the first report on the Westvleteren XII nationwide release coming out on Monday afternoon.

According to Jacksonville.com:

Total Wine & More at St. Johns Town Center is getting some, and will put it on sale – first-come, first-served – on Dec. 12 for $84.99 a six-pack, including two glasses. There’s a limit of one six-pack per customer. Reservations won’t be taken, you have to show up to purchase the beer. The store opens at 9 a.m. Dec. 12.

BeerPulse has also learned that December 12th is the launch date for all Total Wine & More locations nationwide. Total Wine & More will be the exclusive carrier in some of the states in which that chain has locations established. The store will have the beer available for sale in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California.

As for other states, details are still murky.

Whole Foods Louisiana tweeted on Monday that it expects to release the beer in mid-December. Meanwhile, it appears that Craft Beer Cellar in Massachusetts will also be selling it via lottery.

In May June, Shelton Brothers held The Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts, and conducted an exclusive limited release through a nearby shop, Julio’s Liquors. It also sold for the suggested retail price of $84.99 there.

A lot has change since news about the U.S. originally broke last year. The original target for a nationwide release was this past April. Manneken Brussels Imports was also supposed to be handling importing duties along with Shelton Brothers but is no longer part of the arrangement.

The brewers at the Sint-Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren have taken on extra shifts in order to produce more of the beer for this one-time offering. The additional production and first-time exportation are being used as a way to raise money for restoration of the abbey.

Shelton Brothers and Total Wine & More did not reply to a request for comment by Monday night when this story was published.

11 thoughts on “Westvleteren XII hits stores in mid-December, exclusive through TW&M in some states

  1. F*ck Total Wine. Why do they deserve exclusive rights to this beer? Shelton selling out again?

  2. When did Shelton Brothers sell out the first time? I’m guessing that with the nature of this release, working with a few limited partners would make it much more manageable.

  3. Westy 12? Bah! I’m perfectly happy with De Struise quads when I can find ’em (and St. Bernardus Abt 12 when I can’t).

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  5. I guess questionable business practices would have been the proper way to word it. The easiest and most honest way to handle this would be to just send it to distributors and push for the beer to go to top Shelton sellers. However, the world of big box beer store chains is far from fair.

  6. hahahhaha bravo to whoever finagled this audacious deal. both valid points though by Adam and Brewengineer in his reply

  7. The original release date for this was 12/12/12. The date was chosen because it is the Westie 12. The stores had it stored away weeks before the release date. Someone made an anonymous call to the State of Georgia complaining that Total Wine & More was selling an illegal beverage. The state authorities went to the store, checked out the beer, determined that it was not illegal, but then told the store that it must put the beer on the shelves right away instead of waiting until the release date. So, the stores in Georgia are sold out.

  8. The original date of release was April. After a few delays spanning months, they changed it to 12/12/12, presumably for the reason that you suggest. Unless you’re suggesting that the delays, etc. were all part of the plan from the beginning? I doubt it.

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