Westvleteren XII update: New York, Kentucky, Indiana and state-by-state tracking

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Here are the latest tidbits on Westvleteren XII state-by-state. If your state isn’t listed here, it just means that we haven’t seen any news on it yet (there may still be hope, don’t fret). This list is far from complete. Got tips? Please send an email to [email protected] (with links or forwarded newsletters whenever possible).

At this point, all signs are pointing to a nationwide release on Wednesday, 12/12/12. Suggested retail price is $84.99 per 6-pack box or “brick” (which comes with two Westvleteren logo glasses inside) though some shops may charge higher depending on costs from the wholesaler.

Information applicable to Total Wine stores where it will be available: “Westvleteren XII will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis; Limit ONE 6-pack per customer priced at $84.99. Pack contents will not be broken down and sold individually. There will be no reservations, pre-orders, wait lists, layaways, or phone or online orders for future in-store pick-up. Individual purchasers must be physically present in the store while product is available with valid ID showing proof of legal age.”


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post.


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post. Per Healthy Spirits in Northern California, “We will not be pre-selling them. More info will be posted once we have the product.”

Per Best Damn Beer Shop in Southern California, “Westvleteren 12 is being allocated to our shop and will arrive December 12th. Because of the demand for this beer, we are taking names/phone numbers for anyone interested in a 6pk Gift Set of Westy 12 which comes with Glass. Check out their ratings known as the “Best beer In the World.” Cost is $109.99 Per Gift Pack.”

Lucky Baldwins also tweeted that it will be getting a limited amount at its Sierra Madre location.

Per Local Beer Bar in Eureka, “For those of you who are interested we will be getting in a limited quantity of Westvleteren 12 Gift Packs.”


Not approved for sale in the state as of 11/30


Per Harvest Fine Wine on Twitter, “Not in CT as far we’ve heard.”


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post.


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post [unofficial exclusive retailer in the state]


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post – the beer leaked out early at at least one location (Atlanta) on 12/1

In stock at Tower?


From a tip: “Westvleteren 12 will be available in Hawaii on 12/12/12 but the distributor here is charging retailers $510/case or $112.50/pack. All off-premise accounts that will be receiving it signed a contract that they wouldn’t sell it for more than $180/giftpack.”


Per Keg Liquors in Clarksville, “(12/12/12) is a tentative date,and we will firm this up as we get more information.Keg Liquors is one of the few stores in the State of Indiana that is scheduled to receive one of the most sought after beers in the world. Due to the scarcity of the beer and the limited amounts that will be available, we will be using a lottery system to make things more fair and easier for us to get it sold to people.”


Per The Holy Grale in Louisville via newsletter: “For the first time ever, Westvleteren 12° beer will be legally available for beer lovers in the United States to taste and enjoy, starting on Wednesday, December 12th. Gift packs will be sold at Louisville Beer Store, starting at noon for $85 + sales tax (cash preferred, $3 surcharge for credit card payments-per set, limit 2 per person).”


Per a rep from Whole Foods, three Whole Foods Market Louisiana stores (Arabella Station, Veterans, Baton Rouge) plan to carry the beer. As the distributor cost is higher in this area, the kits will retail at approximately $124.99 (update: the distribution price has been adjusted down so the new cost is $84.99).


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post


Per Craft Beer Cellar on 11/24: “Our Westvleteren list has been finalized. If you want to check if you are on the list, please call the store, 617.932.1885. If you entered ANY Raffle or Drawing with us, you are on the list. If you asked to be put on the Westvleteren List (in store), you are on the list. We will not be taking any more names for the list – it’s closed, at this point. If all goes well, we should have 50 or so boxes for sale, on 12.12.12, on a first come, first serve basis.”

Julio’s will be allocated more after June’s exclusive release, per Twitter.


Shelton Brothers is still in the process of re-entering the state with a new entity and the beer hasn’t been approved as of 11/30 so probably no luck here


Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post

New York:

Per DeCicco’s via email: “As of right now I can confirm 4 of our stores will have it which are: Ardsley, Brewster, Pelham and Harrison. It is scheduled to go on sale 12/12. We have been told we will be receiving a decent amount, actually a lot more than I thought we would have received so we are happy about that. It will be 1 per person. The price is $85 dollars each which is essentially our cost. We have been asked to sell it at this price since it is to raise money for the Abbey, which we are happy to do. So as long as we receive everything on time that is the plan.”

North Carolina:

Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post [unofficial exclusive retailer in the state]


Per Ohio blogger, Bobby Likes Beer: “Confirmed! Ohio will see approx 600 gift pack “bricks” of Westvleteren 12. Rolls out week of Dec 10th. Retails for $84.99.”


Not approved for sale in Pennsylvania as of 11/30

South Carolina:

Available at Total Wine per TW&M blog post


Not approved for sale in the state as of 11/30 so looking doubtful


Available at Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier per Twitter


Per Rick’s Wine and Gourmet, the beer wasn’t approved for sale in Virginia


Info on LCBO release

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  1. A bottle shop in Alexandria VA sent out an email saying that label approval was never obtained in Virginia, thus it will not be available in the state at all.

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