Will Ferrell’s “Will Powered Holiday Craft Beer Bus” tours San Diego in December

will powered craft beer bus(San Diego, CA) – For a mere $350-$500, you could have experienced the craft beer bus trip of a lifetime, hosted by none other than Will Ferrell.

Ferrell, who has been a guerilla pitchman for the relatively monolithic Pabst Brewing Co. over the past year, is ditching those suds for craft beer. At least for one day.

The bus trip, now sold out, is called the Will Powered Cancer for College Holiday Craft Beer Bus and Jumpsuit Jubilee.

The tour will make its way around North Park San Diego during the afternoon of Saturday, December 15th. The stops include Blind Lady Alehouse, Automattic Brewing Co., Hamiltons Tavern and Tiger! Tiger!. All people on the tour will be wearing red jumpsuits.

The trip acts as a fundraiser for Cancer for College. Looks like a similar trip was made last year that raised $45k for the organization.

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