Alpine Beer Co. update: Crazy Hazel, Odin’s Raven, Keene Idea, Hoppy Birthday

alpine beer co logo(San Diego, CA) – Alpine Beer Company sent out a newsletter update on Tuesday. At the end, the company says there is some kind of story regarding FedEx that it posted in a mysterious place on the internet. If anyone has info as to this story’s, please share in the comments!

The release of “Crazy Hazel” was just last week. This delicious elixir is made with hazelnut meal, Belgian candy sugar and plenty of caramel malts. Amber in color and 6.2% abv makes for a tasty treat of a beer. Though not bottled, we offer growler fills and on draught in the pub.

And, the cooler temperatures means the heavy beers are more appropriate for this time of year. So, we have “Odin’s Raven” available for your immediate consumption. This beer won a bronze medal at the 2012 “World Beer Cup” in the Chocolate Beer category. We do not currently bottle this beer but do offer growler fills in the brewery and on draught in the pub. Yes, it’s dark, strong at 11% abv, and yummy. Odin’s Raven float anyone?

One last release to tell you about. We made a beer for a San Francisco landmark call The Toronado Pub to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. We called it “Toronado 25th Anniversary IPA” but found another brewery, Russian River, made a beer and called it that as well. So, we now call what some were calling “Double Nelson” “Keene Idea.” Dave Keene is the owner of The Toronado Pub in San Francisco. We will be releasing this special 9% abv Double IPA sometime late next week. A very limited amount of kegs will be made available for growler fills in the brewery, no bottles, and on draught in the pub. Some will make its way to San Francisco as well.

We will be constructing two Anniversary Beers in the near future. One with Tom Nickel of O’Brien’s Pub and Nickel Brewing in Julian and one for City Beer Store in San Francisco. O’Brien’s will be celebrating 19 years of existence and 10 years of ownership by the Nickels. The beer will be an all Columbus hopped 7.5% IPA brewed on December 20th, yum. The other Anniversary beer we’ve agreed to brew (they don’t know we’ve agreed yet), City Beer Store in San Francisco will be celebrating 7 years of bring great craft beer to the bay area with a special beer we make just for them for their May Anniversary.

For reasons never to use Fed Ex for any services whatsoever, please go to our website newsletter blog and read how they continue to prove to be a company no one should bother with.

And from Facebook:

New week, new beer. Yes, for those of you waiting for another reason to celebrate, we now have our most celebrated beer- Hoppy Birthday! It’s an “AL”pine Style dry hopped Pale Ale (5.25% abv), with lots of tasty hop varieties, including Citra. It is available on draught in our Pub, and for Growler Fills in the Brewery. We also have Crazy Hazel, an Amber Ale with Hazelnut (6% abv), and Odin’s Raven, an Imperial Stout with Chocolate (11% abv), which won a Bronze Medal at the 2012 World Beer Cup. There is a limit for Growler Fills in effect: 6 per beer, per day. Please don’t ask for more, we’re trying to make sure there’s enough to go around!


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