Attn: holiday shoppers, Boulder Beer and Lake Placid now featured in Craft Beer Club

Boulder Never Summer Ale

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There are fewer than two weeks left for holiday shopping. Need a last-minute gift? Go with the The Craft Beer Club.

Now featured: Colorado’s Boulder Beer Company and New York’s Lake Placid Brewery.

Featured Beers:

Each shipment includes 12 beers: 3 beers x 4 styles. Here are a few currently featured beers along with brewery descriptions.

Boulder Never Summer Ale: Brewers’ description: “Our brewers’ mission to create a satisfying cold weather brew resulted in Never Summer Ale, our version of a more aggressive winter seasonal. Deep ruby red in color, assertively hopped and brewed with dark caramel malt, Never Summer Ale makes even the coldest Colorado peaks seem warm. Never Summer Ale: For the Drinking Town with a Skiing Problem!”

Boulder Mojo IPA: Brewers’ description: “Introduced in 2003, this IPA from Colorado’s First Microbrewery is anything but traditional. Mojo India Pale Ale was inspired by the English who first shipped their ales to India and the Far East – but brewed with an attitude of the great American West. Pale in color but packed with flavor, Mojo reflects the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt character. The unique Amarillo hop creates a big citrus flavor with an ultra-crisp dry finish. 7.2% ABV.”

More info on these two beers and a recipe to go with ’em.

Lake Placid Nippletop Milk StoutLake Placid Nippletop Milk Stout: Brewers’ Description – “This unique dry stout is brewed with an addition of oatmeal and lactose sugar, rounding the corners of the roasted malt flavors and leaving a slightly sweet finish.”

Lake Placid Ubu Ale: Brewers’ Description – “Our famous English Strong Ale, deep garnet red in color, with a smooth, hardy taste and a nice warm feeling to follow. 7.0% ABV 38 IBU 43 SRM.”

More info on these two beers and a recipe to go with ’em.

Additional Details:

Because of the volume of orders that the Craft Beer Club receives in December, there is no guarantee that you will get the beers featured here. If you’re especially featured in these ones, try calling and see if you can request them.

In exchange, the club is generously granting new members the ability to get $10 off of their first shipment with the promo code, SantaBeer. Valid with Gifts of 3 months or longer and discount will be applied at checkout.

As a bonus, new ongoing members receive three gifts in their first shipment:

FREE Custom Beer Bottle Opener
FREE Gourmet Peanuts – 4 bags, 16 oz.
FREE Beer Tasting Glasses – Set of four, 4.5 oz.

Ongoing memberships may be cancelled at any time with no hassle.



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