Avery The Maharaja Imperial IPA, New World Porter returning this month

Avery The Maharaja Imperial IPA(Boulder, CO) – On Wednesday, Avery Brewing Co. announced the upcoming return of Avery The Maharaja Imperial IPA and Avery New World Porter.

Big kings need big beers, and to defend his kingdom, The Maharaja swings a huge scimitar of hops! An entire half of his hop legion is comprised of Simcoe® soldiers – hops so intense that you’ll think a pine tree and grapefruit tree made a baby, and it’s kicking in your nose.

On December 12th, 5pm, at the Avery Tap Room bombers and draft go on sale of this insane Imperial IPA. Accompanied by tasty Indian cuisine and Bollywood films in the Barrel Aging Cellar, the Maharaja himself will be here, and will allow you to take pictures with him! 22 oz. bottles of his majesty will be available in Colorado retailers beginning in mid-December, and invading our other territories beginning early January.

Avery New World PorterArriving to port at the Avery Tap Room on December 19th, we celebrate the seasonal return of New World Porter! Since 1998, we have sailed through the late winter and into early spring with the help of this robust porter that has been dry-hopped for the long voyage from bottle to palate. These days, they call it a “black IPA”, but back then it was a New World! Colorado retailers will begin to see 6-packs and draft in late December, and it will reach further ports by mid-January.

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