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Brewers Association replaces controversial list of ‘faux crafts’ with new message

The Brewers Association (BA) defines a craft brewer as small, independent and traditional. The definition exists to provide a clear set of guidelines as to what breweries are included in the industry statistics published by the BA. In lieu of listing domestic non-craft breweries that fall outside of this definition, the Brewers Association will post a list of 2012 craft breweries that meet the small, independent and traditional criteria, along with a press release on craft brewing industry statistics, in the first quarter of 2013.

The original document still lives here.


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11 thoughts on “Brewers Association replaces controversial list of ‘faux crafts’ with new message

  1. Where exactly are you getting the term “Faux craft” from, as I don’t see it used anywhere on original list? You are making it sound like they put out a list of “fake craft brewers”, which is not at all the tone of the document.

  2. I don’t want to get into a debate over semantics. The statement accompanying the original document was intended to convey that big brewers are misleading the public into thinking that brands like Blue Moon are small and independent when they are owned by companies like MillerCoors. The original PDF headline list of “domestic non-craft brewers” is too long for the headline space here. “Faux craft” is also a phrase championed by the Brewers Association Board of Directors Chairman, Sam Calagione, among others so it’s not as though I’m pulling this term out of nowhere. Sure, it may be slang-ish but then again, I’m not trying to be Reuters or Bloomberg. Cheers!

  3. The Sam Adams claim is a moot point. I’m sick of people playing the Craft vs “craft” game. Who the hell cares as long as it’s not InBarf, or MillerCrap?

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  5. I’d love for you peons to tell Jim Koch to his face that his beer isn’t craft. He’d chew you up and spit you out for lunch. Sam Adams brews less beer total than Blue Moon sells of its main beer. That’s still damn small.

  6. Ace – your figures are incorrect. Belgian White sold more than any Sam alone but the Sum of BBC is greater than BMBC.

  7. Brewers Association is Joseph McCarthy. We have to wait to see what “craft beer” is blacklisted and we can’t drink anymore. Oh no! Papazian says I can’t drink Sam Adams. I better not.

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