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Brooklyn Brewery co-founder speaks out against looming A-B InBev – Modelo deal (video)



Anheuser-Busch already controls about 47% of the U.S. beer market. Adding Modelo’s Corona beer and other brands would give it another 6%. MillerCoors, the other big player in the United States, controls about 30%. If the Modelo deal goes through, a duopoly would control more than 80% of the U.S. beer market.

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4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Brewery co-founder speaks out against looming A-B InBev – Modelo deal (video)

  1. It’s the right video (at least for me). Loosely related to what Hindy says in the article. Hindy isn’t on video but this is the video accompanying the article on CNN. I didn’t mean to mislead that he’s in the video but always put ‘video’ when there is one included.

  2. Good, smaller brewers need to fight back in Germany and Europe where the macro-breweries keep trying to take over and cheapen not only the good name of these breweries, but their recipes. I used to love Spaten, even with our Americanized version, but now that it’s part of InBev, I rarely drink it. They screwed with the recipe and now it tastes like Beck’s! AB and MC come in, take you over and find ways to make more with less. Enter corn in place of barley and the addition of adjuncts. You can drink that swill if you want to in a can of Buttwiper but I’ll keep my craft beer thank you. My favorites these days are Brooklyn and Sam. Brooklyn will stay true to themselves and their customers, and with Sam, Jim Koch cannot be muscled out of his own company despite the fact it’s public. He owns a majority of the stock and it’s not a first tier company, so there are safeguards to keep the big guys out. End the sell-out to the macrobrews! It’s obvious that most who do sell out weren’t in it for the beer in the first place, just the money in building a brand they could sell off.

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