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Distributor consolidations ramp up, 33 so far on the year

Thirty-three wholesalers have been acquired this year, according to trade publication Beer Marketers Insights. Combined, they move about 3.5 percent of all beer from breweries to bars and grocery stores through the so-called “three-tier system” that has governed the industry since Prohibition.

More >> St. Louis Post-Dispatch.



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2 thoughts on “Distributor consolidations ramp up, 33 so far on the year

  1. Consolidation at the wholesale level in beer industry is the next thing, breweries must watch out as it will be very tough to get attention from the big wholesalers if you are a small craft brewery. As they say its all about distribution and in our 3 tier law, a big bottle neck problem is on our way in 2013.

  2. This is an issue that has been going on for about the last 10-15 year .. It’s what it is. The big boys in the industry is where they wanna be. Just like the soda industry. Across the board! This is where brand divisions are vital at the distributor level…

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