Dozens of Westvleteren XII listings flood eBay, highest ‘Buy It Now’ price set at $1k

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On Wednesday, Untappd saw a record number of Westvleteren XII check-ins with the tally for the day passing 200 by 10:30pm EST. Into the night, the rate of check-ins ramped up to as high as 50 per hour.

But not everyone was drinking the beer.

Many who purchased Westvleteren XII on Wednesday exercised a love for free market enterprise and posted the beer up for sale on eBay.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the carefully-coordinated efforts by The Abbey of Saint Sixtus, Shelton Brothers, distributors and retailers not to make it a capitalistic affair, the universal price of $85 for a box of six beers and two chalices, created an opportunity in the aftermarket. $85 may seem like a lot for such a package though it was still well under what a supply-demand equation would otherwise suggest.

And despite eBay’s crackdown on alcohol sales over the past few months, the site couldn’t keep up with the volume of new listings which were going up just minutes apart from one another on Wednesday night.

Over 50 listings were live as of publishing time though eBay was actively removing listings (a page refresh would show a drop in total listings).

The $300-$400 price range was a popular one with the highest ‘Buy it now’ listing set at a cool $1,000.

Earlier in the day, BeerPulse noted that one seller had listed just the empty Westvleteren XII box itself and two chalices for $230. Update: looks like the seller modified the listing to make it more transparent that unopened bottles were included. An apparently-successful way to stay under the radar. Box sold for $450.

22 thoughts on “Dozens of Westvleteren XII listings flood eBay, highest ‘Buy It Now’ price set at $1k

  1. Wow, I’m surprised!!! Surprised that it took this long since I called it yesterday. This is ludicrous. Although once the Bros got their hands on it, you knew it would get out of hand. The retail part of it was the worst part of the whole fiasco. Telling outlets what to charge? Illegal in some parts of the country. How’d they get away with it?

    Also how did the Bros work it to become the sole supplier? There used to be two, but after the Bros ‘cleared’ some stuff up with the monks, there was only one??

  2. I’ve bought beer that I really wanted at a premium off Ebay and was happy that I did (2009 Dark Lord). If someone is willing to pay for the beer, and another person is willing to sell it, what’s the problem? Should we stop Wii Deluxe sales on Ebay too, since they were going for upwards of $500? How about iPhones and other electronics right after they’re released? Seriously, if it bothers you that much, DON’T BID. Some of us use Ebay to try a beer we’d otherwise never get to try, and are ok with paying more.

  3. Not a capitalistic affair? This is what’s wrong with the beer community. Beer is a business and CATEGORICALLY selling beer in a retail store is CAPITALISTIC. And no, that doesn’t make it a bad thing. I wish people in the beer community would simply realize that selling something like this on ebay for a higher price might be a lower price for somebody else. People always make such a huge deal about beer from an event like Dark Lord Day being sold on ebay when in fact maybe it was bought by a person in California and for that person it was cheaper to pay a higher price on ebay than to drive or fly to Indiana. Also, a person can sell their bottles of Westy 12 for however much they please and if somebody wants to pay $1000 then who the hell cares!? It’s not a charity and if the monks are too stupid to realize that there is a market for their product at a higher price then they should (and are) being penalized by only reaping the profits from $85 a package. And yes, keeping the price down out of the goodness of their hearts is stupid since the market clearly could stand a higher price. SHEESH! Supply and demand people. It’s not that frickin’ hard!

  4. Love the comments on these threads….beer lovers upset that idiots trying to make a buck keep beer out of the hands of people wanting it….and the idiots who are in the scene to tick SWEET WHALES BRO and resell shit for profit or e-peen vehemently defending their right to be douches.

    It’s the “Whatever, if I can sell it that’s right MURICA!” folks that make it to where more and more beers become draft only or extremely limited so NOBODY outside of the local area can try it. Meanwhile the leeches just hop to the next flavor of the month release to try to resell it for profit.

    No thanks.

  5. “Ad aedificandam abbatiam adiuvi” is listed on all the bottles and translates to, “I helped to build the abbey.” (cite: 12/1/11)

    Per Saint Sixtus official website, the monks go by an honor system:


    Westvleteren Trappist is sold only to individual customers. Every customer agrees not to re-sell the beer to any third party.

  6. What are the best sites to buy and sell rare beer now that eBay has banned it? MIKE, there is a “Report Item” button.on each listing.

  7. @ Mike, Didn’t your momma ever teach you that people don’t like rats? My shit don’t effect you and your shit don’t effect me. I think people just need to mind their own, grow up, and stop whinning about it.

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  9. I have bought a lot of Westvleteren 8 and 12 and don’t like it.
    So I will pour it away, some bottles are even 7 years old

  10. I live at about 20 kilometers of the abbey and I must say the beer tasts very good. But we buy it at 50 € for a crate of 24 bottles.

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