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eBay resellers tally $12k in Westvleteren XII sales in ten days

eBay reseller sales of from Westvleteren XII bricks and contents within those bricks passed $12k on Friday. Despite eBay’s policy against alcohol sales on its website, the volume of new listings in the ten days since the sale has been too much for the company to control. Some bricks have been sold as-is and some have been broken up with only chalices being sold. Over 80 auctions have successfully completed in the ten days since Wesvleteren XII went on sale on December 12th.

via eBay.


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One thought on “eBay resellers tally $12k in Westvleteren XII sales in ten days

  1. Replies to Facebook Post…trying to hold some anonymity…

    These auctions are lasting less than 10 minutes. They get nabbed with Buy it Now then the deal is done.

    those are too rich for my blood and Missouri didn’t get any so I guess I’m just on the outs.

    Anyone complaining about “disrespect” or “self-entitled” you were probably able to get one locally. If I had the cash, ebay is all I’d have. Disrespectful? Maybe disrespectful is intentionally distributing such a limited supply that this market exists….

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