George Killian’s Irish Stout going year-round in early 2013

george killian's irish stout 6-pkGeorge Killian’s Irish Stout, the new offering by MillerCoors, is going year-round early next year after a successful launch in test markets.

According to MillerCoors, “Killian’s Irish Stout’s full-bodied flavor and dark brown color has been attracting fans for the past seven years when it was brewed annually for a festival in Dublin, Ohio. Starting this [past] September, Irish Stout [was made] available in select markets on draft.”

Since then, the company has rolled out the beer in bottles as well and it will be available year-round beginning in February in both 6-packs and draft.

Tasting notes from the official George Killian’s site:

Very dark chocolate brown with a thick caramel colored foam cap.
Dark chocolate bouquet with subtle roasted coffee notes.
Slight roasted coffee flavor without being overly bitter or heavy.
Mouth Feel:
Medium to full-bodied with little astringency.
Very smooth with lingering chocolate roasted sweetness.

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