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Heretic Brewing founder on why pouring at public beer fests stinks

I don’t hide the fact that I am not a fan of pouring beer at public beer festivals. While there are some passionate craft beer lovers mixed in the crowd, there are usually more people there trying to get insanely drunk for as cheap as possible. I’m guessing their thought process is something along the lines of:  “Three gallons of the cheapest beer I can buy is $30 and the beer fest tickets are only $25. If I really put forth the effort to over consume, I can get so seriously drunk I won’t be able to drink for several days, thus saving myself even more money.”

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10 thoughts on “Heretic Brewing founder on why pouring at public beer fests stinks

  1. I see nothing wrong with getting plowed now and again. I despise the wine crowd who think they are some level above and don’t believe they get drunk and brewers who want to make beer into something it shouldn’t be. Beer is the common man’s drink and breweries who think that they have transcended should be closed.

  2. I can see trying to eliminate those who get rude or violent when drinking. I think the trick is to limit festival size and work on beer club and brewing club members first before inviting the general public.

  3. If you see nothing wrong with getting plowed, you probably have an alcohol problem. I agree with this blog entry entirely.

  4. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Why do some breweries think that once they reach a certain level of production or level of notoriety, that their opinion actually matters.

  5. While I can understand the frustration (and the concern for liability caused by people getting hurt and fest sponsors getting sued under the dram shop rule), I think this is a bit snotty.

  6. Why did you drag a 4 month old blog post up from the ground? Not enough controversy for you this Christmas?

  7. I have three criteria for attending beer fests as a brewer.
    1. The organizers purchase the beer.
    Or at least pay for a hotel room.
    2. 100% of the proceeds go to a charity.
    3. The price of admission is at least $45.

    If at least two of three don’t apply, I don’t pour. Simple as that.

  8. I didn’t even notice the timestamp on it. If Jamil put an idea out there publicly, then lots of attention/debate/different points of view is exactly what he would want, whether it was one day later or 12 months later. The web would be a very boring place if we all published things and no one ever talked about it…like back in 1997.

  9. First off , people who I know that go to craft beer festivals are not the people who buy 30 paks of anything or drink crappy beer,
    We are there to taste new beers and if there are 50 plus different types of beer to taste then I’m sorry but the buzz you get is just a bonus, so to the founder of heretic, I’ll make sure to repeatedly hit your booth and have you pour me samples all day, so I can make sure you can prove your statement.

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