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MillerCoors CEO on “Craft vs. Crafty”: “Judge brewers by their beer”

We respect the fact that some of our fellow brewers would want to differentiate themselves, but we’re convinced that the ultimate assessment of our beers will not come from an industry organization, but instead from America’s beer drinkers.

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4 thoughts on “MillerCoors CEO on “Craft vs. Crafty”: “Judge brewers by their beer”

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  2. I for one would like a distinctive labeling marker or name on the beer to decipher who the brew comes from. I see the big 3 breweries hiding behind the names of the small time companies they ruthlessly have bought up in the last few years. Not putting there names or logo on the bottle or labeling shows the respected buyers that they are afraid to. I believe that if they do that the sales will slowly decline and that is there reasons for hiding there names. Well if they don’t want to be called “Crafty” or re-branded then come out of the shadows and add your brewery name MCB and InBev to the cans,bottles, or label.

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