More from Shelton Brothers on the controversial Westvleteren XII release

westvleteren xii gift packBeerPulse caught up with Shelton Brothers on Tuesday to get more details on the highly-anticipated Westvleteren XII release. The company also released a full list of locations where the beer will be available on Tuesday. For their part, they also posted up a statement on the challenges around coordinating this release. A short excerpt below…

We have known from early on that there would be no possible way to undertake this special one-time project in a way that would satisfy every enthusiast, seeker, retailer, zealot, proselytizer, salesperson, marketer, consumer, truck driver or distributor.  This is, in many ways, a “no-win situation”: quite the opposite of the coveted “win-win” that business-types so often espouse.  To parlay the inferences a bit further, we’ll readily admit that we aren’t perfect, but we think we’ve done as much as we could have been expected to do to make this very small amount of an extremely sought after beer as available as possible.  If we’ve upset you, no matter what your station in life, we ask your forgiveness.

9 thoughts on “More from Shelton Brothers on the controversial Westvleteren XII release

  1. You guys have messed this up so much that people are now refusing to buy the beer, I am one of them and so are 100 of my friends.

  2. Westvleteren XII is a beer from a world class brewery, and Shelton Brothers is a distributor, nothing more.

    I do not believe that the decision to give so much distribution to Total Wine was a good one, I far prefer to shop at the small bottle shops, the few that I am close to. As well, being that I get almost all my beer in Nevada the word is that Total Wine will get all of the beer in that state which is a true shame. In fact, I just called Total Wine in Reno to find out if they would have it and to my surprise the person on the other end had no idea what I was talking about (I had to spell Westvleteren for him to look it up in his computer).

    All this said, I still intend to purchase a set as I support the BREWERY. Not Shelton Brothers, in this matter, not Total Wine on most accounts but the brewery and this amazing beer. It is unfortunate that into today’s society Shelton Brothers had to turn to a corporate seller to ensure the wishes of the monastery were honored. While you may not agree with the decision, there are stores out there that would jack up the price, hoard a few cases for themselves, or breakup the sets if Shelton Brothers distributed it evenly to their accounts.

    I understand that by purchasing a set some portion of the sale price goes to the two entities I have professed my dissatisfaction with. I hope to one day pick up a case at the monestary as this is the only way to ensure all the profits go to the brewery and not the middlemen, and this is true of every brewery whose beer I enjoy. For now, however, the distribution system that is required to get beer from brewer to consumer requires that a portion of every bottle I buy goes to someone else, sans the local breweries I am able to visit regularly.

    I look forward to enjoying a bottle of Westvleteren XII in the near future and to share some with my friends. For me it is about the BEER and nothing else.

  3. I’d like to see the check from total wine to the abby from all those bricks sold.

    Shelton Brothers dropped the ball and screwed all the small independents that support them throughout the year with this move.

    I wonder how that decision will fare for them in the future with these longtime supporters and the very backbone of Shelton Brothers being basically told to sit back and STFU.

  4. “screwed all the small independents”

    I can see why this may have been a hit to the pride for many independents but “screw” is strong language considering no independents (or Total Wine for that matter) are (supposed to be) making a dime off of this sale.

  5. You children need to relax. this isn’t about distributors, big box stores or anything else. Keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself and either buy the beer and enjoy it or ease on back to your lazyboy and crack a cold PBR like you do everyday

  6. My frustration is not even having a chance to purchase it. Living in GA I found out before today that this was happening, however, the Total Wine (only retailers who got it in GA) stores took it upon themselves to release it earlier than today. Why have an official release date, etc, if the retailer is just going to do whatever they want? Frequenting the smaller, craft beer centric stores in Atlanta I know them well enough to know they would have respected the release date so that people seeking it would have at least had a chance to get in line for it today.

  7. Just returned from a 60 mile trip arrived 1 1/2 hour before the big box opened to find they only had 30 Bricks…

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