Samuel Adams Boston brewery mgr. on Utopias, Hopology Collection, Infinium (video)


Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL (India Pale Lager)(Boston, MA) – Jennifer Glanville, the brewery manager for The Boston Beer Company’s Boston facility, joined the crew from Seacoast Beverage Lab for an hour-plus-long chat about all things Samuel Adams. Among the things we learn…

1) There will be a Hopology Collection 6-pack in 2013 and while it’s a little vague as to whether there will still be a 12-pack it doesn’t sound as though the new package will be in lieu of the annually-released 12-pack. So far, we have seen label approvals come through for Noble Pils, Whitewater IPA, Latitude 48 IPA and the all-new Double Agent IPL (India Pale Lager).

2) It sounds like Infinium hasn’t been retired and that the brewers are playing with the idea of changing up the beer a bit. No confirmation that it will return.

3) There is a lot of chat around Utopias here…like as to what barrels they use and how brewers have to monitor it 24/7 for at least two weeks to make sure that the yeast is still alive and kicking.

Plus, a little chatter around the future of craft beer, Boston Beer’s role in seasonal creep, etc…

2 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Boston brewery mgr. on Utopias, Hopology Collection, Infinium (video)

  1. good to hear they haven’t retired Infinium, I liked it, despite all the negative crap I’ve heard from snobs about it. Could turn it into an off-year thing opposite the years they make Utopias (although it is far less intensive as Utopias is in production, hence the 1/10th price) Infinium is what you get as a beer guy that isn’t a real wine guy. It’s the beer man’s alternative to champagne.

    Kind of excited to see this IPL come out too.

    Got my bottle of 2012 Utopias a few weeks ago. Won’t be opened for a while. waiting for that special occasion.

  2. Agreed about Infinium, I too enjoy it quite a bit as a celebratory beer for the New Year. Hope it returns.

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