Ovila Abbey Brandy Barrel-Aged Quad

Sierra Nevada re-tooling Ovila series in 2013

The first four Ovila abbey beers were not as successful as either Sierra Nevada or the Abbey of New Clairvaux had hoped. Dressler says that the label, which featured the name "Ovila" in big letters and Sierra Nevada in fine print, may have confused people. The next beers in the series, due out next year, will be rebranded with a larger Sierra tie-in. They will be a quad made with dried plums, and a saison brewed with mandarin oranges and white pepper. The fruit comes from New Clairvaux’s orchards.

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4 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada re-tooling Ovila series in 2013

  1. I only had the Dubble because the price was right, $3.50 for a 333ml. It was damn good, as good as Westmalle but fresher and a few $$ cheaper. I’d buy the crap out of the 333mls at that price, but the 750s where a bit pricey. I think close to $10.

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