Top 10 reasons to choose the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club this holiday season

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The holidays are here again and it is time to get serious about gifting. You’ve made your list and so have your friends and family. And let’s face it. There’s no better gift than beer. So without further ado, here are the top ten reasons why you should choose The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club this holiday season.

1. Longevity: The club has been around since 1994, back when there were around 500 craft breweries in the U.S. and not 2,500!

2. Options: This is the only company with four beer clubs from which to choose, include the world’s most exclusive beer club, The Rare Beer Club. Here are this month’s Rare Beer Club selections.

3. Quality selections: In the past we’ve highlighted that, in any given month, you have several beers rated 90+ from which to choose, especially the limited offerings in the Rare Beer Club. How the company selects beers.

4. Integrity: The company is proud of their selections and quality to the extent that they are the only club that lists all the beers that they’ve shipped back to 1994.

5. Ability to combine all four beer clubs: A member can use the Design Your Own Club interface online to easily combine the four beer clubs into a single gift membership.

6. Ability to combine beer clubs with non-beer clubs: A member can also use the Design Your Own Club interface online to easily combine any of the four beer clubs with wine, cheese, cigar, chocolate and flower clubs into a single gift membership.

7. Power of repetitive gifting: This is not just another one-time gift. Your generosity will be remembered throughout the year.

8. Budget flexibility: You can choose gifts from 2-12 months, pay monthly or all at once. Ship monthly, every other, quarterly or on specific months. In the Rate Beer Club, you can also opt to skip a month if you’re not interested in the beers that month for whatever reason.

9. Customer Service: In the rare couple of cases out of hundreds of orders (in well over a year of working with The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club) that a customer didn’t receive the beers that they expected, the company took great care of the customer and acted quickly in both cases. You’re in great hands! Or if you just have general questions, the staff is very friendly and willing to assist you.

10. Discounts: Take advantage of these coupons that encourage multiple uses.

BEERPULSE10 – $10 off ANY Beer Club Membership (2-month minimum)
BEERPULSE15 – $15 off ANY prepaid Beer Club Membership of 6 months or longer
BEERPULSE25 – $25 off ANY prepaid 12 month Beer Club Membership

Though the beer will not physically arrive in time for Christmas, the Club has multiple ways to announce the Club as a gift for someone including email gift announcements. Ordering deadline for this month’s featured beers is December 20th.

Here are some gifting ideas from the Club that could help you further.




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