Westvleteren XII slips out early at Total Wine & More in Atlanta

westvleteren xii gift packThe Total Wine & More blog reported last month that the stores would not be selling Westvleteren XII before the designated release date of Wednesday, December 12th, but that isn’t what went down at at least one location in Georgia.

One tweet indicates that the beer is already available for sale at Perimeter in Atlanta while another shows that it may also be available at Kennesaw to those who ask. Here are the tweets:


8 thoughts on “Westvleteren XII slips out early at Total Wine & More in Atlanta

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  2. In Texas, it’s illegal for a beer to be allocated to just 1 store….although some how it does happen from time to time.

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  4. They should be shut down and lose their license for disobeying the strict orders of the monks at the abbey. Disgraceful and unethical to say the least. Having been to Belgium and tried all three I am glad it came to the US, but obvious corporate greed on the part of Total Wine, hope they actually send the money to the monks!

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