Yazoo Brewing up 40% in 2012, expands capacity to 27k annual barrels

yazoo brewing logo(Nashville, TN) – BeerPulse pinged Yazoo Brewing brewmaster, Linus Hall, for an expansion update after the brewery posted a video of a tank hanging off of a crain and flailing around in the air as it was being lowered it into the brewhouse.

Here’s what Hall had to say…

It has been a busy year here at Yazoo. After adding two 120 bbl tanks in March, we installed two new 200 bbl fermenters this past Friday, increasing our cellar capacity to around 1440 bbls of tank space, or around 27,000 bbls per year depending on our mix of beers.

new 200 fermentation tanksWe are up around 40% this year, to somewhere close to 17,000 bbls sold by the end of this year.

These are the biggest tanks we’ve installed here. To get them in, we had to remove a section of the roof and drop them in with a crane, with about six inches around to spare. I’ve seen videos of other breweries doing the same, but it is pretty terrifying when it’s your tanks swinging in the wind up there! But all is good. The tanks were made by Sprinkman out of Wisconsin.


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