Alpine Beer Co. update: stolen brite tank, delayed Exponential Hoppiness, 19/10 IPA

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness Double IPA(Alpine, CA) – The latest from Alpine Beer Company, courtesy of Thursday’s newsletter…

On this glorious day, in the New Year 2013, we are releasing for your pleasure, a new beer never before concocted in our laboratory of fermentation. We were asked to brew an anniversary beer for O’Brien’s Pub called 19/10 IPA. It represents the 19 years O’Brien’s has been around and the 10 years Tom and Lindsay Nickel have owned it. It is a 7.4% abv all Columbus hopped “Alpine-style” IPA of marvelous flavor and aroma. Available only in the pub for pints and pitchers and not for growler fills. Look for it on tap at the finer beer establishments around town in the coming week.

It is with a heavy heart I am here to tell you of a delay in the release date of Exponential Hoppiness. The release must be pushed back because the cold weather slowed down the activity of the yeast. So, keeping with our mantra of “no beer will be released before it’s time,” we foresee a release sometime in the week of February 12th through the 15th. An exact date and time will not be announced due to the issues of parking, traffic congestion, angry next-door business owners and overcrowding. Please remember there will not be any growlers sold and there will be a 4 bottle limit per person per day, no exceptions. Sorry, it will not be around during Super Bowl Festivities.

Alpine Beer Company has a major theft to report. Due to the cramped conditions around the brewery, we moved a large 1,000 gallon brite beer tank to the property we intend to develop on Tavern Road and Taberna Vista way. Someone stole the tank! I am surprised in that it weighs over 1,500 pounds, crap. If you have any information please contact either the brewery at 619-445-2337 or contact the San Diego County Sheriffs at 858-565-5200.

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