BeerTrucker PRO game just launched in the Apple App Store (video)

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Looking to combine your love for beer and games on your iOS device? Look no further than BeerTrucker PRO, now available in the Apple App Store.

Build your own beer empire with BeerTrucker PRO! Buy pubs and bars, operate a brewery, and use your own trucks to keep the beer deliveries up. You’d better be fast if you want to make money and become a real beer mogul!

PRO features 30 levels, radical new roads, golden PRO Trucks and events at your pubs that drive sales through the roof, but watch out, miss a delivery when there’s a rock festival in town and you’ll have some mighty angry customers!

You’re in charge of a busy brewery, and you have $1 Million BeerBucks to spend. Just buy a pub, then drag the beer trucks from the brewery to make sure the drinkers are kept happy – collect the proceeds to build your very own beer empire. Sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled – each level comes with a series of challenges that will test your beer mogul skills. Can you finish them all?


* Insanely addictive – you wont be able to put it down once you experience the thrill of running your own brewery

* Looks amazing – the game takes place on a beer coaster (beer mat) with amazing retro retina display graphics

* Buy and upgrade pubs and bars, but make sure you have enough beer to keep the drinkers happy

* Sell more beer to buy more pubs, bars and trucks – be sure to make the right investment decisions


Are you up for the BeerTrucker challenge? Become a beer mogul today!

Below is a trailer for the game.



Below is a review of the game.




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