Big Boss Brewing releases 2013 beer schedule

big boss brewing co logo(Raleigh, NC) – Big Boss Brewing announced its 2013 beer release schedule on Thursday. More below…

We are excited to introduce our 2013 brewing schedule! Old favorites from our tap room, one offs, plus some Big Boss classics all in one calendar year.  We introduced our 12 ounce bottle series last year and plan to continue the line up into the new year with these brews.

New to the line-up, we bring you a thirst quenching brew featuring fresh raspberry.  A limited run to kick off the new year. This is the Yin to Big Operator’s Yang. 4.5% abv

Big O is a full-flavored Belgian black ale.  The beer is infused w/ fresh raspberry and locally roasted cacao from Raleigh’s Elemental Chocolates.  It culminates with an amazing dark raspberry and chocolate finish. 8% abv

Once a tap room exclusive we now add Saucy Pants to the 2013 line up.  Spicy, fruity satisfying Belgian ale that will help welcome spring to North Carolina. 5.5% abv

APRIL D’ICER  Dunkelweizen
D’ICER is a copper-colored Dunkelweizen in the Munich tradition with over 50% wheat, Munich & Vienna malts to give it a remarkable color and richness.  Bavarian yeast and just the right amount of Noble hops make this beer a great thirst quencher. 5.5 % abv

MAY NIGHT KNIGHT  Black India Pale Ale
New to the Big Boss line up of beers comes this hybrid offering in the form of a Black India Pale Ale representing the epic battle between bitter hops and dark roasty malts. 6.75 % abv

MONKEY BIZZ-NESS is spiced to complement the fruit, yeast and malt notes present in this complex, rustic Belgian-style ale. Monkey Bizz-Ness is aged for months to blend the bold flavors into a seamless presentation. 9% abv

Sack Time has been a summer staple since we introduced the beer to our tap room back in 2009.  A full-flavored ale featuring rye malt supported by an of hoppy bitterness for balance. 5.5 % abv

A bolder version of our easy drinking Blanco Diablo.  A true white ale made the Big Boss way, spiced with coriander & orange peel, still thirst quenching late summer ale. 8% abv

Our subtly spiced fall ale brewed with real pumpkin that will evoke memories of holidays and family. It is brewed with our own proprietary blend of spices that will make this one of the best-received pumpkin ales available.

NOV- DEC ACES & ATES Coffee Stout
Our winter stout is brewed with ten different malts to create a complex and distinctive beer. We add organic, fair-trade coffee, which is specially produced for Big Boss by Raleigh based coffee experts, Larry’s Beans. We offer this synergistic seasonal brew for a limited time in the winter season. 8% abv

Our double IPA celebrates the beauty of Ahtanum and Simcoe hops on top of a solid malt backbone. First brewed in 2007, we’re looking forward to re-introducing this one to the line-up. 8.75 % abv


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