Budweiser Black Crown goes nationwide in two weeks, Super Bowl ads coming

budweiser black crown banner

Immediately after 12am EST on Tuesday morning, a handful of media started reporting on Anheuser-Busch’s big new beer launch for 2013: Budweiser Black Crown.

USA Today was first:

For the second consecutive year, Anheuser-Busch InBev will serve up a new brew to Super Bowl viewers. The beer giant will tout its just-out Budweiser Black Crown brand during the Feb. 3 Super Bowl XLVII. The new beer is scheduled to be on sale nationwide by Jan. 21. Last year, A-B introduced another new brand, Bud Light Platinum, to the massive audience watching the Big Game.

Bud Light Platinum’s success is well-documented so it is hard to blame AB for recycling the formula.

CNBC also sent out a couple tweets about the new beer early Tuesday:


Anheuser-Busch quietly created pages for the beer on both Facebook and Twitter within the past week.

In a bit of a bizarre marketing twist, the company appears to be building a social media campaign around the hashtag ‘#tasteis’ with the message, “Taste is making an entrance 02.03.13.” It serves as a double entendre. A-B is aiming this beer at the same crowd that went out and tried Platinum after last year’s launch, as in those with “exquisite taste.” Then you have a crowd of people who are anti-AB and will associate the messaging with the idea that the company is only now, in 2013, playing with this critical component in beer known as flavor.

Platinum’s ‘#makeitplatinum’ campaign showed that building a campaign around a hashtag, especially during the Super Bowl, can be a gamble as some attach negative messages to the hashtag. This year’s choice may be even more of a gamble as the company is putting a lot of faith in people to fill in the blank positively…

“#tasteis ___________.”

Expect to see more press on the beer during the day on Tuesday. We’ll keep you updated.

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