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Chief executive of UK’s Greene King knocks American craft breweries

"There is a lot of interest in craft beer and it is something we are looking at," Mr Anand acknowledged but he maintained that Greene King has a strong portfolio and that its output can claim craft credentials: "It is not industrial beer. It is real beer, probably more so than many of the American craft beers that are long-life beers, some of which are contract packed for them," he said.

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2 thoughts on “Chief executive of UK’s Greene King knocks American craft breweries

  1. AHA!!!

    I have visited Greene King brewery twice over the years. The first time in 1989. They were shocked that anyone would want a tour at that time and took us right through. I was back in Bury St. Edmund a yeaR OR 3 ago and again visited. Now they have organized tours and a museum. I DO like their Abbot Ale on cask. But I disliked Anand’s intimations and purveying mis-information via generization. I have also personally witnessed Britons clamouring for Americna beer at the foreign bar at GBBF and also as evidenced by the recent growth (36 breweries now in the greater London area) of American styled craft beer breweries that sprung up. Many like the highly rated Kernal brewing extreme styles. There are also several newer pubs that are celebrating brewing diversity and including many American beers both on cask and on tap.

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