Craft Beer Connect launches referral program, ordering deadline for February is Tuesday

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Considering joining a beer-of-the-month club but want a unique club where you can pick from dozens of available beers a la Netflix? Consider joining Craft Beeer Connect now and give the club as a Valentine’s Day gift to your significant other. Beer beats a teddy bear, cheap box of chocolates, flowers…but it does not beat bacon. Sorry, Craft Beer Connect, it does not beat bacon.


The ordering deadline for shipments to arrive before Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, January 22nd at 11:59pm EST! Get those orders in…

What package to choose?

Want more background on what the Craft Beer Connect club is about? Need help picking a package? Check out last week’s post on this very subject where we go through the top beers available in each tier.

Newly-launched referral program:

“Our Members are the heart and soul of Craft Beer Connect. We hope you love the service and love it enough to tell a friend or two. To thank you for spreading the word, we’d like to offer a $15 credit to your account for every member you refer that stays with us for 3 months or more. Simply let us know when a friend signs up and we’ll credit your account $15 on their 3rd month. It’s been our dream to get the beer we love to people everywhere. We thank you for helping us achieve our dream through your membership and helping us grow the site and offerings through new members.”

Discount program:

The ongoing discount is 10% off of the lifetime of the membership. The promo code for this discount is LOVEBEER. However, a better discount code sometimes appears in the newsletter so it is worth it to sign up to the weekly newsletter. Click the green button in the top right corner here.

How much money do you save?

Let’s say you go with our recommended package of Tier 2 as a new member for three months and also recruit a friend who would like to try out the club for three months. A $15 credit will appear on your account which can be applied to your fourth shipment.

Your cost: $25 – ($25 * .10) = $22.50 x 4 = $90 – $15 referral discount = $75.00.
Friend’s cost: $25 – ($25 * .10) = $22.50 x 3 = $67.50.

Total cost for what is effectively seven months worth of six-bottle shipments is $142.50. That does not include shipping & handling which is calculated at checkout and varies depending on your location.

Of course, it would be your prerogative whether to continue with the club at that point (but we’d recommend it!).




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