Dogfish Head founder on intentional scarcity (video)


dogfish head sam calagione(Milton, DE) – Way back in August, Dogfish Head founder, Sam Calagione, visited New York City to do his second-ever ‘At Google Talk.’ We are late in posting and a beer that he mentions, Hot Thoup, was released a while ago…but Calagione talks about some of the bigger picture components that make up the core of what the company is about and those are still very much relevant, even into January.

Below is a snippet on Calagione’s philosophy when it comes to limited releases. The whole talk runs about one hour.

If we really believe in Off-Centered Ales for Off-Centered People as a concept, we need to practice what we preach. Our goal is always to put as much effort and energy into one-offs and [annual-release] beers as we put into 60 Minute [IPA – the brewery’s flagship]. So that allows us to package 30 or 35 beers a year where the norm may be a little less than half of that for most other breweries.

These beers act as a de facto sales or marketing team because there is always something to talk about if someone is at a retail place and they ask, “Hey, what’s new from Dogfish Head?” We try to make sure that every month, if not two or three times a month, we have something coming out that is a limited release. We intentionally guage our volume to make sure that demand is higher than supply so that these experiments continue to be exciting for these beer lovers that want to come on this journey with us and explore the outer edges of what beer can be.

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  1. And then he gets ticked off when his beers go on ebay. Brewers create the problem themselves

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