Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout 2013 release update

foothills sexual chocolate imperial stout(Winston-Salem, NC) – Foothills Brewing Company provided an update on Wednesday regarding this weekend’s release of Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout. More below…

Finally! The release of Sexual Chocolate 2013 is upon us. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Initial keg will be tapped at 5pm on Friday February 1st. Pub brewer Dave Gonzalez will offer the first toast.
  • There’s also a brewer’s party Friday night, open to the public, that starts around 8pm in the brewery part of the pub. Admission is free but please bring several bottles of your favorite beer for the group to sample, we’ll provide some light appetizers.
  • The line to buy bottles usually starts around 2am (after we close) on the sidewalk outside the pub.
  • City police officers will be on hand overnight– ostensibly to keep the soccer hooligans away, since we all know what a well-behaved crowd craft beer enthusiasts are.
  • Unconfirmed rumor has it the nice officers will let you enjoy your own, um, refreshments until daylight. Decorum is strongly encouraged. No kegstands, in other words.
  • IMPORTANT: if you’re planning on being in line overnight, bring warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, water, snacks… in other words, treat it like an urban camping expedition.
  • There will be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. You’re welcome.
  • Around 7:15am, those of you who have bravely withstood the elements will be rewarded for your fortitude with a numbered wristband that denotes your place in line. Woohoo!
  • The pub will open at 8am, when you will be further rewarded with breakfast biscuits and coffee. And beer. Hey, you gotta prime the pump.
  • Bottle sales will commence at 10am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50. Bottles are $15 each, limit of 4 to a person. Any questions about that? Then the answer is 15 and 4.
  • Bottles usually sell out in 2 or 3 hours. Which means if you show up at noon and complain bitterly that there are none left, you will only create bad karma for yourself.
  • Also, no growler fills of Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.
  • See you there!

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