Kern River Citra Double IPA returns on February 1st

kern river citra double ipa label(Kernville, CA) – The latest from Kern River Brewing Company’s newsletter regarding Citra Double IPA.

What time is it? Citra Time! If you are a fan of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” then you are probably laughing right now… If not, you are probably just excited that Citra is coming. Before we get to the details of the release, we need to clear up a few items.

KRBC will be closed Jan 21-24 (Monday-Thursday) for building maintenance. Our wonderful, 50 year old wood floors from the Johnsondale lumber mill need to get touched up every year, and we picked next week to do it. We also have a tile project in the kitchen – which, unless you are a dishwasher here, is of no interest to you. If you are really excited about tile work, we are accepting applications for dishwashers at this time.

If you didn’t already know, we have Dirty Hippie and Winter Ale and Rye IPA on tap right now – talk about a hop-lover’s dream. The only thing that would make it hoppier would be…

Citra – which will be released Friday through Sunday, February 1-3. We will be releasing 35 cases per day with a 6 bottle per person limit. It will also be on draft, but there will be no growler fills since we tend to go through the entire batch in about a day and a half. The bottles will be handled in the normal fashion; first-come first-server. If there is a line outside the door before we open at 11:30 (and there probably will be) we will hand out tickets to those in line. Once you have your ticket, you are guaranteed your 6 bottles, so you can sit down and eat and enjoy yourself.

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