Lagunitas Brewing may have been courted by A-B InBev

lagunitas brewing logo(Petaluma, CA) – Or more like they were according to Lagunitas Brewing founder, Tony Magee. Magee posted on Twitter on Wednesday night about a dinner that he had with an A-B InBev executive in which he told the exec that he would rather “die on payroll” than sell Lagunitas to them. See the tweets below.




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8 thoughts on “Lagunitas Brewing may have been courted by A-B InBev

  1. Not all that surprising an offer considering how A-B InBev has been buying breweries left and right. Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head has described how the big boys from Brazil approached him about buying at least a share of his brewery. Sam told them thanks but no thanks.

  2. I respect the integrity of what Tony is saying, and I realize there is a lot of consternation in the craft world in the moment about the who and what of which and all that.

    However, in fairness to John Hall he began his foray into the business world of craft beer at a much later stage of life than most. And there was not exactly a clear next point that made sense.

    At some point every one in this business is going to find themselves in a position where they need to make choices for their businesses future and their families future.

    For Sierra Nevada, that Ken Grossman has not only an incredible staff but his own son who wants to take on the mantle of that breweries future is great, but not practical for all breweries and their owners.

    Add to that the foregone conclusion that all breweries that sell to a huge mega holding company will be turned into crap remains to be seen.

    At the end of the day, those who are craft beer drinkers will continue to gravitate and demand great beer.

    But what, I am not going to buy and drink Juliet or Lolita because of the holding company? Sorry but as long as the brewers they hire keep making it and as long as it is outstanding, that is the difference.

  3. That’s great for you Patrick, however, I, and a few others I know of flat out refuse to put more money into the big guys pockets to buy out MORE breweries. By purchasing their product, you are enabling them to purchase more craft breweries, and to come up with more pseudo-craft breweries that do nothing but take money out of the pocket of the small guys.

  4. “… all breweries that sell to a huge mega holding company will be turned into crap remains to be seen.”

    WADR, that’s EXACTLY what can and HAS happened in the past. How in the hell do you think we got down to 55 brewers in the 70’s Patrick? Jesus, before google I could abide someone not old enough to be personally cognizant of history/fact to offer up such jibber jabber but seriously, now?! That’s just plain ‘stupid’, or…

    If ‘patrick’ isn’t an ABI / SABMiller-Coors employee / paid lobbyist, he’s a short-sighted, google-challenged, individual that takes US for fools. NOT.

    Not having an ‘heir apparent’, family hierarchy isn’t the only other way to transfer ‘ownership’ besides selling out to foreign conGLOMorates and sending those profits to Belgium and S Africa to help fund their ‘flagship’ swill. Every owner can go ‘Full Sail’ and transfer ownership to employees, keeping it local, payback for years/decades of loyalty AND ‘stiff arming’ the foreigners too!

    As for continuing to drink beers owned by offshore ’empires’, nope. TOO many local, fresh U.S. alternatives for that. Thank You.

    Lagunitas/Tony HUGE ‘attaboy’ on this ABI slapdown #ADKBREWCO

  5. ” bottleandcellar > I am a BJCP certified beer judge, home brewer and #craftbeer advocate. ”

    Patrick, I stand ‘corrected’. Google / you/your profiles indicate you SHOULD know ‘better’ than to be advocating supporting foreign-mega-beer-cos but…

    so, i figure you’re ‘salvageable’. stay tuned, Patrick of Albany, NY; LOTS of new fresh local indy #craftbeers to ‘flow’ outta the #Adirondacks. Na zdravi !

  6. All ya gotta do is read Charlie Bamforth’s book, “Beer is Proof God Loves Us” it explains a lot of what has happened to brewing throughout the world and is excellent.

  7. The problem with “Beer is Proof God Loves Us” is that it’s written by someone who used to be a lackey for AB-Inbev and a couple of other HUGE brewing companies, and he sees nothing right about craft brewing, and everything right with being one of the big guys. I had to put the book down about a quarter way through it in disgust.

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