Lazy Magnolia Brewing update: Southern Belle and Back Porch Series

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(Kiln, MS) – Lazy Magnolia Brewing shared some new beer information in Thursday’s newsletter.

Southern Gentleman, meet Southern Belle. It’s part of our 2013 lineup y’all.

The flagship in our barrel-aged series, the Southern Gentleman features our Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale conditioned in bourbon casks. While the Kentucky spirit melds evenly, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Just as its predecessor, the Southern Belle also incorporates our award-winning Southern Pecan. The twist is the tub. Smooth as a gentle kiss, the Southern Belle is instead aged in Pinot Noire wine barrels. It’s sure to melt your heart.

The Southern Belle expects to make her debut in March, with the next Southern Gentleman to follow in April. It’s a match made in heaven.

Part of our Balcony Reserve Series, the duo is available – on draft only and in limited quantities – throughout 2013.

Lazy Magnolia’s 2013 seasonal lineup will include two new additions to our Back Porch Series.

Our Back Porch Series feature high gravity, or high alcohol, beers. Higher than 6.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), we suggest serving them – hidden from your neighbors – on the back porch. Our Front Porch Series, however, are lower in alcohol content, so feel free to enjoy them in plain view – on your front porch.

Our first Back Porch brand and Mississippi’s first high gravity beer, the TimberBeast Imperial Rye IPA weighs in at 9% ABV. We released the TimberBeast at midnight on July 1, 2012. It was a late night legislative-approved party!

Weighing in at 7.5% ABV, a Delta blues inspired American strong ale will be the next addition to join our Back Porch Series. It’s scheduled to be released early next fall.

Finally, weighing in at 10% ABV, the maximum allowed by state law, an Imperial Stout is also expected to join our Back Porch Series next winter.

(Above) Will Brown of Jackson, Miss. brews a test batch of our first Lazy Saison recipe. Released as our 2013 spring seasonal, the Lazy Saison contains 6.5% ABV. With a projected 6.0% ABV, our brewers are also working to develop a honeysuckle pale ale recipe for summer 2013.

To the thirsty residing in the Southeast, simply plug in your zip code on our online Find Retailers link. Locate all of our beers available in your neighborhood via on our Find Retailers link.

For our removed Southerners and other out of market fans, we have partnered with The Lazy Dozen and 12-packs of Timberbeast, Gulf Porter or Jefferson Stout are available.

Don’t live in Mississippi but want to get your hands on Lazy Magnolia beers and others you can’t get locally? You can do just that by ordering online at BeerPulse supporting sponsor,




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