Leinenkugel’s Canoe Paddler Kölsch introduced as new spring seasonal

Leinenkugel’s Canoe Paddler Kölsch(Chippewa Falls, WI) – Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. announced its newest seasonal beer on Monday. More below via Facebook page…

Although it’s just single digits here in Chippewa Falls, there are definitely signs of spring in the air, such as the enticing aroma of the latest Leinenkugel’s spring/summer seasonal. Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. is excited to introduce our fans to a clean, crisp Kölsch-style beer we’ve named Canoe Paddler. For those of you new to Kölsch beers, they are crisp, clean, light-bodied beers that originated in Cologne, Germany in the early 1900s. The brilliantly clear Canoe Paddler features subtle hints of lemon grass and white pepper. We’ve also added a touch of rye, which provides a nice clean, dry finish, helping to maximize refreshment. It’s hitting stores and bars soon

18 thoughts on “Leinenkugel’s Canoe Paddler Kölsch introduced as new spring seasonal

  1. Was excited to try this and couldn’t be more disappointed. I tastes like Coors Light…. Gross!

  2. Agreed with above…very disappointed. Tasted like one of the many light/lite beers that you can find on a college campus.

  3. This is what a Kolsch beer should be. I love IPA’s but this is smooth, not too dry, with no after taste. Actually leaves you salivating. Alcohol content good too. Try it before you make your decision.

  4. jls is correct. This is spot on is darn good example of a kolsch. Leine is putting out some very good beers right now. Make sure to judge according to style and liquid – this tasted nothing like a light American lager…

  5. I agree it should be judged based on its design and the category of beers it was meant to be in. That being said I think it is a step above any light beer I have ever tasted and might be a compromise for those that don’t like the taste of a full bodied beer and typically drink “light beer.” I am looking forward to this on a hot summers day on Lake Holcome!!

  6. I was interested when I saw this new Leinie’s beer but am left disappointed by the thinness and lack of any distinct taste or remarkable character. I’m not an IPA fan due to the hoppiness but this beer is quite non-descript and lacks identify.

  7. I like the way the flavor bounces around my pallet. It’s wet enough to quench a thirst, yet leaves me wanting more of that pop of lemon and hops. Nice mellow flavor.

  8. I love everything about this beer. I don’t understand those of you who can’t seem to enjoy it. I suppose you are the “hard to please” types (go grab a Spotted Cow and leave this for the real beer drinkers). I have been a Leinie’s guy for quite a while and this beer is definitely one of their best.

  9. @Steve Why not just respect that some beers aren’t for everyone? Some people love pilsners, for example. Some don’t. Big deal, right?

  10. Love this beer the only thing is cant find much of it in Ohio. I have been able to buy a 12 pack all summer and that is all the store had. The club I have gone to has a standing order and has yet to have any delivered all summer. Please boost production the driver said he cant keep it in stock.

  11. Although, IMHO, not as good as Gaffel, it is a good Kölsch. A good chunk of these reviews are negative, and most are because it doesn’t have “full flavor” or is to “light”. Granted, as Adam pointed out, different strokes for different folks, not everyone likes the same brew. But one needs to comprehend what a Kölsch Bier is. Without knowledge of the style, one cannot give a well informed review, which could cause others to miss out on something good. If one drinks this beer, and expects it to taste like a Pislner, they will no doubt be disappointed. Comparing a Kölsch to a Coors Light is comparing two beers from two different styles, and a good beer to pisswater.

    This NY Times article describes what a Kölsch is.


  12. its a very tasty variety and it can also be a great party beer, i love this style wish the alcohol content was 1 point better but this is a beer of quality. Thanks for all the hard work leinenkugels and fam

  13. This is a very well done American made Kölsch. No comparison to Coors Light, an American light lager. Please try a few other Kölsch beers before making such a comparison. The craft Kölsch down here in TX are well behind what Leinie’s is producing. In fact one from a larger TX craft brewery which shall remain unnamed is downright nasty.


  14. My only complaint about Canoe Paddler is that it is not available year round.
    I’ve been to the town, but many years ago. I’m also a for real canoe paddler.
    Like the rye!

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