Maui Brewing Co. founder on company’s top-selling beers

Maui Brewing logo(Maui, HI) – Came across an interview with Maui Brewing Co. founder, Garrett Marrero, where he discusses the company’s top-selling beer, among other things. An excerpt…

Top selling beer, depending on where. Hawaii – I’d have to look at the exact percentages – but blonde and IPA are within a few percentage points of each other. Coconut porter is a lager compared to the blonde and IPA, but not by far, but at least a good 20% behind. The mainland is the other way around. Coconut porter is our lead dog, and blonde and IPA are behind that, but on the same keel. Mana Wheat is slower for sales, but the velocity of sales are equal to the rest in that we can only brew a certain amount of wheat based on the pineapple harvest. We’re not willing to bring in Costa Rican pineapple juice to make our Maui Gold pineapple wheat. We are limited in the amount of production, so when we have it, it’s gone, but the numbers don’t really give the accurate story there because if you could only brew 1000 cases every few months. At this point it’s about 1000 cases every six weeks. You can’t sell 20,000 cases of something and have it not sell. It’s a little bit different.


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