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Craft beer market showing big growth in Norway

My source for the number of breweries is a list I maintain, with all breweries plus opening and closing years, based on Ratebeer, Wikipedia, and personal knowledge. It goes back to 2001, and shows exactly the same trend. 2012 was a record year, with 57 breweries, no less than 16 more than in 2011. This, of course, is a large part of the reason why there were so many new beers in 2012.

(We’ve updated this post and removed a previous inaccurate version).

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4 thoughts on “Craft beer market showing big growth in Norway

  1. I’m afraid that quote is rather misleading out of context. This is wine monopoly sales only. So bar/restaurant sales, and shop sales of beers at less than 4.75% (which is most beer) are not included. So these statistics cover only 1.2 million liters out of a total of some 250 million liters.

    The brewing association just informed me that craft beer production is at 1.6% of total beer production in Norway.

    So I’m afraid that headline is not quite right.

  2. Ah, didn’t read through the whole thing but just saw the second-to-last paragraph with the disclaimer. I’ll make an adjustment/retraction.

  3. No worries. If you are sharing it to folks in other countries, I’d recommend moving the easier-to-digest new brewery/beer stats near the top and the monopoly stats toward the bottom. Cheers!

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