Russian River Pliny the Younger 2013: another update

russian river pliny the younger(Santa Rosa, CA) – New update on Russian River Pliny the Younger, per the brewery blog

Santa Rosa will be getting a little Younger in just 2 weeks!  Pliny the Younger will be tapped at our brewpub at 11am February 1st and will be available for 14 days until Valentine’s Day!  A certain amount will be allotted for each day so we can make it last the entire 2 weeks.  Last year we mostly ran out late evenings or sometimes not at all.  […]

In regards to which accounts will be receiving Pliny the Younger, we have not set those allocations yet but will do so in the next week.  We will have a list available at the pub during our 2 weeks of Younger.  We are also sending a few kegs to our distributors on their regular February shipments.  But at this time, we don’t know who else is getting what and when (other than our pub!).  I imagine most Bay Area accounts will likely tap their kegs during SF Beer Week which kicks off February 8th.

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