Team behind Brooklyn Brew Shop launches Established (EST) Brewing Company

EST Brewing CompanyPress Release:

(Brooklyn, NY) – The team behind Brooklyn Brew Shop is expanding from seasonal one-gallon batches of beer to taps across NYC with the launch of the Established Brewing Company (EST for short). Born on a kitchen stove in Downtown Brooklyn and brewed beginning this spring on the big scale, EST kicks off with its first beer: Jalapeño Saison.

Brewed with fresh jalapeños, agave nectar, and Belgian Candi Sugar, Jalapeño Saison is light and dry with a healthy kick of heat—perfect for pairing with nachos, ceviche and fish tacos.

At EST, Brooklyn Brew Shop co-founders, Erica Shea and Stephen Valand, have teamed up with longtime employee and production manager, Tim Evans, to brew seasonal, food-inspired small-batch beers with a focus on quality, balance, and character.

Staying true to their market roots (Brooklyn Brew Shop started at the Brooklyn Flea in 2009) you’ll be able to find Jalapeño Saison on draft this spring at Smorgbar at the Flea’s sister market Smorgasburg ( as well as select craft beer bars throughout the city.

And if you aren’t in NYC to try it – the limited edition Brooklyn Brew Shop Jalapeño Saison Beer Making Kit means you can make it yourself.

Started by Brooklyn Brew Shop’s co-founders Erica Shea, 29, Stephen Valand, 27, and longtime employee and production manager Tim Evans, 28 the Established Brewing Company (EST for short) will bring seasonal, food-inspired small batch beers (starting with Jalapeño Saison) to NYC taps spring 2013. Updates will be available at as well as on twitter @estbeer and Facebook /estbeer.

Erica Shea, 29, and Stephen Valand, 27, are the owners and founders of Brooklyn Brew Shop. Built on the principles that making beer – real beer, from real ingredients – could be simple, tasty and more importantly, fun, Brooklyn Brew Shop sells stylish brewing kits designed especially for New York City’s spatially-challenged apartments and ingredient mixes for seasonally-inspired beers.

Brooklyn Brew Shop has been featured on the pages of New York Times, Food & Wine, Real Simple and Erica and Stephen have appeared on the Cooking Channel, Fox Business Network and ABC News. As beer authorities, the couple has taught classes for Whole Foods Market, Williams-Sonoma, and the American Museum of Natural History, served as lecturers at SXSW and the Beer Bloggers Conference, and as judges for home beer making contests. Their kits are available at, as well as nationally at select Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma and independent specialty stores, as well as internationally in Canada, South Africa, Norway and the United Kingdom.


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3 thoughts on “Team behind Brooklyn Brew Shop launches Established (EST) Brewing Company

  1. This makes me sad. It is so clear by this press release that the beer will be contracted brewed adding to the list of breweries abusing the “brooklyn” brand while brewing their beer somewhere else (probably the sixpoint plant in PA). What will happen when people finally realize the sham of the “brooklyn” brand?

  2. The company was born and bred in Brooklyn and is growing FROM there, there is nothing incorrect about it. Especially since Brooklyn isn’t even in the name (EST).

    Have you tried Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beers before? They are really really great and affordable. I, for one, cannot wait to try them from the tap.

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