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Tennessee ABC cracking down on brewpub growler sales

The Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission reminded liquor-by-the-drink restaurants with on-site breweries last fall that they were prohibited from selling their beer products to go unless the sale was made in a separate but contiguous location. Bart Fricks, chief operation officer for Copper Cellar Corp. which owns a half-dozen concepts including Calhoun’s and Smoky Mountain Brewery, said the state has decided to reinterpret the law, preventing it from selling bottles, growlers, kegs and mini-kegs.

via Knoxville News Sentinel.


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2 thoughts on “Tennessee ABC cracking down on brewpub growler sales

  1. Being from TN, I can tell you that our liquor laws are archaic at best and just outright suffocating. Change needs to happen in TN.

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