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Thomas Hardy’s Ale making a comeback after five year-hiatus

“At the moment, all rights are in the hands of the American importer George Saxon, who – we hope – won’t take long putting Thomas Hardy’s back on the market”, as stated by Adrian Tierney-Jones […] the good news is that Thomas Hardy’s Ale is to be revived in all its greatness, while maintaining all its extraordinary and unique peculiarities: vintage production is on English soil with limited quantities produced, its slight hints of dark fruit, turf and roast malt and its flavor that at times recalls a fine port or quality brandy.

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One thought on “Thomas Hardy’s Ale making a comeback after five year-hiatus

  1. I have a 1991 Thomas Hardy Ale No. 02284.. Brewed by Eldrige, Pope. I was told this beer is best to let age at least 20 years, and could reach it’s best flavor by 25. Should I wait to drink it or just drink it now. Also would this be worth anything to a connoisseur?

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