Wachusett Light IPA coming year-round to cans in March

Wachusett Light IPA canPress Release:

(Westminster, MA) – Wachusett Brewing Company celebrated Wachusett Mountain Ski Area’s 50 year anniversary by creating the world’s 1st Light IPA [sic]. An easy drinking session IPA coming in at 4% ABV with 37 IBUs and only 121 calories. The beer was released at Wachusett Mountain on Saturday, December 15th, 2012 for a private event in honor of the Crowley family celebrating 50 years of business.

Wachusett Brewing Company will add the signature Light IPA to their 12 oz. can portfolio and release a limited amount of draft in March 2013. Wachusett Light IPA will be available year round along with their other 12 oz. canned products; Green Monsta IPA and Blueberry Ale. Also released in cans March 2013 will be flagship Country Pale Ale and Summer Ale in newly designed packaging.

2 thoughts on “Wachusett Light IPA coming year-round to cans in March

  1. F YEAH!!!! Finally! I’ve always wanted a light IPA but the industry never had the stones to make one. Thanks Wachusett! Send a message to the big guys! “We make GREAT IPA’s, all while keeping it healthy and consensual. Lookin’ forward to stockin up, you guys

  2. Sorry, but this is not the first low alcohol IPA, and unfortunately, not worthy of the title. My link is probably not the first, either, but was before this one.

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